Mobile spectrometers

Mobile spectrometer - Belec Compact Port

spectometer - 1

The Belec Compact Port is the smallest spectrometer of its kind. 

It offers versatile opportunities for the most different areas. Measurings are made with our special sparking probes and the results are displayed on the screen immediately. The probe connector offers a quick change of the different probes among each other. Afterwards, the robust instrument does not have to be recalibrated again and therefore allows a quick and effective operation.

The spectrometer assembly is geared to maximum measuring security. With the integrated double-spectrometer, the most ideal spectral lines can be used. This small instrument can be configured for several bases (e.g. Fe, Ni, Al, Cu, Co, Ti).



Further characteristics are:

  • high performance
  • easy handling
  • mobility by trolley
  • easy transportation
  • user friendly Software Belec Win 21
  • analysis of P and S with Special Sparking Probe
  • quick mix-up checking with Air Sparking Probe
  • high accuracy grade (C < 0,05%)
  • connectable measuring stand
  • adapters for the most different sample shapes
  • installation and instruction by qualified personnel
  • base-specific recalibration samples inclusive


 Options for Belec Compact Port:

  • Probes
probe - 1 probe - 2 probe - 3
Argon Special Probe
  high measuring accuracy, incl. C, P and S
 Argon Standard Probe
  high measuring accuracy, incl. C   
Air Probe for quick mix-up testing


  •  Adapters


wire adapter - 1 adapter holder - 1 The holder for the wire adapter 
wire adapter - 2 The set of wire adapters can be used for wires from O 2mm to O 12mm in intervals of 0,5mm.
wire - adapter - 3 wire -adapter - 4
Even very small wires up to O 0,5mm can be analysed.
Wire adapter Adapter for wires from O 0,5mm to O 2mm 
Tube adapter Tube adapter Set of tube adapters 
10.2mm / 13.5mm / 17.2mm / 21.3mm / 26.9mm / 33.7mm / 42.4mm / 48.3mm /
60.3mm / 76.1mm / 88.9mm / 114.3mm / 133mm / 139.7mm / 168.3mm

We also make single pieces and custom-made adapters.


For more information please see Belec web site.

Folder Belec Compact Port (ang, pdf,  710KB)