Prasa PR-25RPreparation of pellets requires a hydraulic press and suitable pressing die. Durable pellets can be prepared from loose powder using a binder or an aluminum cups.


We offer a manual press PR-25R of own production with pressure 25 tons.

In set with press you can order complete equipment such as: pressing dies, aluminium cups, binders, foils etc. 
 We offer a typical dies for pellets 32 and 40 mm. Any other dimensions are available for request.


  Manual press PR-25R
press Press dimensions
Dimensions (DxFxA/E) 500x400x530/680mm
Weight ok. 70kg
Max. height of pressed object  Cmax = 200mm
Min. height of pressed object   Cmin = 40mm
Stroke 16mm
Pressure screw travel 160mm
Piston diameter 100mm
Max. pressure 30t.
Working pressure 25t.